Fifty Years of Friendship

from Rose G. ~
My husband, Steve, and I met Bobi and Del fifty years ago. Steve and Bobi’s father, Marcy, were both friends and CB operators. I was newly married and Bobi was engaged to marry this smart, handsome man she met in chemistry class at City College in New York. We became fast friends and Steve was Del’s best man at their wedding.


Moves to the suburbs followed, Bobi and Del to New Jersey and, Steve and I to Rockland County, NY. I have wonderful memories of visiting their new home which they took great pride in. Right from the start Del applied his superior intelligent scientific mind, inquisitiveness, creativeness, and industriousness to numerous home improvement projects around the house. If something needed to be fixed or could be improved upon, Del  is a real “Mr. Fix It.”


Throughout their almost 50 years of married life Del could be counted upon to generously use his talents to help anyone who needs help. His generosity knows no limits! He has been always selfless and, I can’t emphasize “always” enough times. The needs of everyone, family, friends, community members and complete strangers come before his needs.


Children quickly followed their move to New Jersey and Rusty was born. Del took great pride and delight in his son. He was the most amazing father, sharing with Rusty his numerous talents and interests from scientific problem solving to astronomy. Rusty was one lucky young man.


Del was an amazing son-in-law to Bobi’s parents, Reva and Marcy. He could be counted upon to help them meet their needs as they grew older and, for helping Bobi meet their needs. He was much more than a son-in-law, more like a real son! He has also been an amazing brother-in-law to Chelle and her husband Mark and a wonderful uncle to their two children.


Then along came Michael several years later. Del saw this as a blessing and a wonderful addition to their family. Rusty had a brother  and, Bobi and Del a second little man in their home. Rusty and his wife Lisa have two daughters, Kayla and Hannah, and along with Michael and his wife Shruthi and their son Davin have all brought great joy to the Du-Bois family.


Del has also been through the ups and downs of life and, it hasn’t been easy. He saw his mother suffer before she died and lost his beloved in-laws. He lost a kidney to polycystic kidney disease and continued to work for many years after that. When he was told the one kidney he had was affected by the disease he kept on working until he was no longer able to. Despite all he has been through, Del approaches every day with a smile and hope in his heart. He believes in the better nature of mankind. If we judge a man by the content of his character then I know of no other person on this earth who is more worthy of receiving of a kidney and, I pray everyday that Del Du-Bois receives one from a very generous donor.

Steve makes a wedding toast at Bobi & Del’s wedding 1970

A few words from Del’s wife…

It has been three years since Del was listed on the kidney transplant list at Tampa General Hospital and three years seven months since he was listed at Weill Cornell in NYC (still active) and Robert Wood Johnson Medical Hospital in New Brunswick NJ (which has temporarily suspended their program). So Del has been transferred and is currently actively listed at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, NJ. We are still hopeful that Del will be fortunate enough to receive a compatible kidney for transplant. The more people we reach the greater our chances of finding a compatible kidney for Del. Therefore, I am asking for your help by spreading the word to friends, family, coworkers and their groups in search of a person willing to be a donor or help look for a kidney donor. Please help us find Del a life saving viable kidney for transplant.

Please meet Del through the voices of some who know and love him by scrolling through the posts on this page.

From my heart, my family and I are sincerely grateful for your help.

~ Bobi


Del has End Stage Kidney Disease and desperately needs a life-saving donor kidney, blood type O. You can make a difference. Please help spread the word to your family members, friends, co-workers, or any groups you are affiliated with. The more people we reach the greater the probability we can find a suitable kidney match for Del.

He is working with Renewal, a remarkable non-profit organization.

To learn how you can save a life or for more information about kidney donation, please call 718 431-9831 EXT. 209 or email Renewal’s website is All inquiries to Renewal are strictly confidential and are without any obligation. They can also put you in touch with others who have donated a kidney and are willing to share their experience. All medical costs for evaluation and surgery are covered by the recipient’s insurance. Ancillary costs such as travel expenses and lodging, may be covered by Renewal.