Facts from Donate-Life-America

100,000 people in the United States
are waiting for a kidney donation.

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place a kidney from a living or deceased donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. Currently, 100,000 people in the United States are on the national transplant waiting list for a donor kidney.
A kidney transplant is used to treat kidney failure (also called end-stage renal disease, ESRD), a condition in which kidneys can function at only a fraction of their normal capacity. People with end-stage kidney disease need either dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive.
It’s important to know that dialysis only filters out waste — it can’t replace other functions of your kidneys, such as making hormones. Dialysis only does 10-15% of the work that a healthy kidney would do. For some people, dialysis is the only option for treating kidney disease. For others, dialysis keeps them alive until a kidney is found for a transplant.
Because a person can live with only one kidney, living donation offers another choice for some transplant candidates. The average waiting time for a donor kidney from a deceased donor is 3 to 5 years. A kidney from a living donor offers patients an alternative to years of dialysis and time on the national transplant waiting list. With living donation, a patient may be able to receive a transplant in 1 year or less. After donation, the living organ donor’s remaining kidney will enlarge, doing the work of 2 healthy kidneys.


Please help save Del’s life, please give the gift-of-Del to his family.

Del Du-Bois is registered with RENEWAL (a remarkable non-profit organization) and hospitals throughout the area. To learn how you can save a life or for more information about kidney donation, please call (718) 431-9831 EXT. 209 or email R9196@renewal.org.

Del is also registered with RJW Barnabas Health (NJ), Tampa General Hospital (FL), and a few other hospitals. Please specify Del’s name when you call so that your donation goes to him.