From Web MD: Warning Signs of Kidney Problems

Your kidneys filter waste from your blood and ship it out in your pee. When your kidneys don’t work right, toxins can build up. That can lead to several different — and surprising — symptoms. …  READ MORE


Del Du-Bois has End Stage Kidney Disease and desperately needs a life-saving donor kidney, blood type O; His best chances are a kidney from a living donor.
You can make a difference.
Please help spread the word to your family members, friends, co-workers,
or any groups you are affiliated with.
Del Du-Bois is registered at RJW Barnabas Health (NJ)

Del & his wife of 50 years.

Please call to get tested today.
Mention Del Du-Bois when you call.
(even if you are NOT type-O, you can still donate a kidney and start a Chain Donation for Del)
Organ donation saves lives for a lot of people.
Be a Hero!

Call/Text Del’s family ~ (732) 485-3522

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