A personal plea for help

Hi. This is Chelle (Cordero-Engelman),  I am Bobi (& Del) Du-Bois’ sister. I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to reach out to you.

We are desperately attempting to find a suitable donor for a kidney. Del is currently on dialysis and is in End Stage Kidney Disease. A living donor (blood type O) offers him the best chance for an extended life and more time with his family. Del is loved by so many.

Del is registered with RJWBarnabas Health (NJ) and a few other hospitals.  We are asking for your help in reaching the masses, a lot of reaching out is done via emails and social media, it CAN reach the right person who can save Del’s life (it’s happened before). Please email it, post it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter and all of you social media sites. Tell your friends about it any way you can.

We have a web site set up where we are also posting many of the letters that have been written on Del’s behalf. Go to https://kidney4del.wordpress.com/ to see it; scroll down to see individual posts.

We are asking for 3 things:

#1- Would you please write a few lines (a post) about what Del means to you, something about your relationship, or something about Del’s contributions (it can be any or all so long as it comes from the heart). Also any digital pics of you and Del (or Del in family situations) would also be appreciated. We want people to know how important he is to the people around him.

#2- Would you please forward this site (in entirety or individual posts) to all of your email contacts, local organizations, houses of worship, unions, etc.? Also post on Facebook and/or Twitter. This will help get the word out. To forward an individual post click on the heading of that post first. Please forward this to family members and friends.

#3- If you, and this is admittedly the hardest request for me to make, or anyone you know might be a compatible LIVING donor, please consider having yourself tested. For more information about kidney donation, visit the National Kidney Center  or RWJBarnabus.  You can visit (most) local hospitals for the initial blood tests, bring in the referral form from RWJBarnabus, download it HERE: st barnabus referral only — please be sure to use his name, Del Du-Bois. Getting tested is no obligation.

Please consider doing any or all of the above, anything you can do will help. Del’s life truly hangs on this, thank you.

If you submit a letter, please write from your heart — I can fill in the necessary referral info for the post. Please email your words to me at  ChelleCordero@gmail.com  and put “Del” in the subject line. It can be just a few lines or a full letter, it all helps. Also please forward this email (or send me their email) to anyone you know who might want to contribute to this effort.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your help and prayers,

With love,